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Structural Engineering Services

We understand that communication and coordination are paramount to a successful project. Therefore, we work closely with architects and contractors to ensure the project is completed on time and on budget. We utilize the latest design and drafting software as well as in-house proprietary software to provide quality engineering services at an economical price. We are only a phone call or an email away whenever you have a question or the inevitable project-challenge arises.

At Spartan Engineering Services, our structural engineering design experience and services are diverse and include:


Connection Design Services

Our connection design services are as innovative as they are effective. Using in-house software that communicates directly with AutoCAD, we are able to produce connection design sketches that are second to none. With these sketches, the detailed is left with little doubt as to our design intent. Because these sketches are produced within AutoCAD, any connection can be quickly customized from our immense library of connection standards to fit any connection need.

Our connections are designed with the fabricator, detailer and erector in mind. We work very closely with all three to ensure an economical, safe and code-complaint connection design.

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Structural and Commercial Inspection Services

Structural Assessment and Evaluation Services

Damage to a structure or a structural component is inevitable. Fire, moisture, termites, wind and earthquakes are all enemies of building and its components.

 Commercial Inspection Services

If you are looking to purchase a new commercial building and need an objective assessment, we can help. We inspect everything from the walls to the roof to the toilets to the HVAC systems. We adhere to the InterNACHI Standards of Practice for Commercial Inspections. While commercial inspections are a visual-only evaluation and are not technically exhaustive, they do provide peace-of-mind as well as give you a snapshot of the current condition of the building.

Our inspection reports are easy to read and are very detailed. We highlight all observed defects  in an objective, non-alarmist way and with the attitude that everything can be repaired.

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