Change is the only constant in the universe. The economy goes up then down then up again. Everything changes. What about your home?

Not unlike people, a home will experience quite a bit of change over its life. A home will be exposed to various forces from Mother Nature including wind, earthquakes, rain, hail and sometimes even snow. Or, a home can experience change from within…removing of light-blocking interior walls or the addition of a whole new room.

Whether your home has some unexplained cracking that has caused you concern or you want to start from scratch and build a whole new home, you need an experienced structural engineer to help you. That’s where we come in.

Through our sister-company, Spartan Engineering Services, we provide any kind of structural engineering design or inspection services for:

  • New Homes or Office buildings
  • Residential or commercial additions to existing buildings
  • Removal of load bearing or non-load bearing interior walls
  • Evaluation of existing concerns including cracking or member failure

From planning to permit, we are the engineering company you can count on.

For more information, visit us on the web at

or contact us at 843.532.8621. We are Spartan.